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my older photos live here.

sporadically maintained blog.

long abandoned fotolog

massrmvwait.com, a little site i built when i wasn't working.

sonicliving.com, a little site i might have build if i wasn't working.

travel Map, and i can't update it because i forgot the password. gotta add colombia.

protrade is work.

South America Trip 2004 stuff

the last exciting thing i did, 6 months in south america.

music i set out with.
travel photos.
laguna verde panorama.
chimborazo panorama.
leo's company

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Paganello 2001 black and white photos.
yellow banks panorama.

sites i like

imaging-resource.com - digital camera revies and more
pricewatch.com - find cheap deals on hardware
sinfest - great comic strip
the daily wtf - fun times for computer programmers